Silverado Canyon Engagement Photos | California Couples Photographer

February 21, 2020

Talk about a rad engagement session: Carlee & Jeremy included their vintage convertible during their engagement session at Silverado Canyon. This one was DEFINITELY one of my favorites OF ALL TIME! The car definitely helped but not only that, these two had FREAKING chemistry man! LIKE HOTT IN HERE status!

MY LANTAAAAAAA (got steamy)

We had a blast, laughing our heads off, and acting like children of course. We also had some epic sparklers from one of my favvvv websites BROADWAY BRIDAL

Contact them for all your sparkler, confetti, smoke bomb needs!

I am soooooo thrilled to be photographing these two at their wedding this September. They set the bar real high so I can only imagine what their wedding will be like!

“Omg I can’t even pick which one to post first … that’s how amazing they all are!!!!! We want to print them all and put them all over the house! People are raving over the photos of us. I still can’t get over how unbelievable they are YOU ARE SERIOUSLY MAGICCCCCC” – Carlee & Jeremy



  1. Corey says:

    These are stunning!

  2. Jackie says:

    Seriously one of my favs!! So beautiful

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