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"A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself"

I remember when I first started with photography. I had so many questions and felt so alone through the entire process. I found myself constantly going to Google and Youtube, and wished that I could just go to an actual person for answers to all of the questions that I had.

At the time, I didn’t even know mentorships even existed, so I continued to learn all on my own. I took classes and utilized Google and Youtube for LONG ridiculous hours. If that sounds draining and exhausting to you, you might like what I have to offer.

-Oprah Winfrey


PHONe or facetime DATE 

Let's chat on the phone! This option is great if you are super busy, out of state, or if you just want a little advice. I personally prefer FaceTime because it’s more intimate and feels like we’re basically hanging out. 
-We will chat about your business, where you are with it and where you want to be. We can talk about whatever aspect of photography you want—these mentor sessions are for me to cater to YOUR needs. From booking your dream client, Pinterest and social media, to contracts and finances, we can cover anything you want to focus on all while being cozy in our jammies on the couch ;)  
-You can ask me LITERALLY anything and EVERYTHING that you want to know! 


In Person

Want to tag along with me and see what a session with me looks like? Then this is the PERFECT option for you! We’ll meet up before the session and chat over coffee or Chipotle (my fav). After we meet and hang out for a bit, we’ll head to the session together. The session I set up will be of anything you see yourself shooting in the future—anything from a couple's cuddle session to an engagement shoot or maybe even a boudoir session? Whatever you’d like more help with. 
We'll focus on:
-Posing and directing
-Making your clients feel comfortable and playful
-Photographing in different lighting situations
- & anything/ everything that will help you capture images you’re proud of!


Time to invest in your future...

Ready to level up? See what other students are saying about their experience 

I have been following Nicole on Instagram for quite a while. She has a great energy and always seems to bring out the best in each shoot. I knew I wanted to work along side her and observe the way she approaches the work. From the moment I reached out, I knew it was going to be a great session. We spent a little bit of time trying to get the session lined up and all I can say is that I was definitely not disappointed. The time she spent with me in the mentor session was invaluable. She covered editing tips, posing, pricing and so much more! It’s easy to see that teaching comes naturally to Nicole. She has a wonderful way of making people feel comfortable, and carries that positive energy right into the shoot. Nicole takes the time to get to know people and truly captures the raw moments as they emerge to tell an authentic story. It was AMAZING working with her throughout the entire mentor session and shoot. I would absolutely recommend Nicole to anyone who is looking to grow their craft as a photographer. As an artist, teacher, and business person - Nicole was the best! - Emma

I’ve followed Nicole on Instagram for quite some time now & have seen her work, personality & passion shine through social media & her website. When it came for my time to level-up where I was at in my own business mid year, I knew I wanted to learn from Nicole & I am so glad I did! She listened to me & what I was seeking to achieve and gave me advice, encouragement as well as tactile information that I can now take and apply to reach my goal. Both with what I am currently doing well & what I could work on. I’m so excited to apply it all. Nicole truly cares about what she does & the people who come to her. Nothing is off the table with her. She is the bomb!!!!!

I had my mentor session with Nicole and she was so fun, excited, and eager for anything I wanted to go over. She went over EVERY ONE of my bullet points and then some! She was descriptive, thorough, and so sweet if I had questions or wanted more detail on something. She showed me real life examples to better my understanding on things; which is SOO helpful! Honestly, she had answers to questions I didn’t even know I had! Besides the education I gained from her, I felt in a safe place to be vulnerable and honest with her. As if I’ve known her for YEARS! It was such an uplifting experience + I’m so grateful for her time. If you are looking to level up your business, just starting out, or just in need of some assistance, she is your girl. Does not matter the level you are at, she will cater to each person and their needs.       

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