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Meet Nicole

I want you to look back at these memories and remember that feeling ....

 nostalgic memories

the intimate moments together

laughing so hard you cry

the soft touches

the way you look at each other

intense love

You have your dream wedding... and i have my dream couple.

There is nothing that I love more in this world then happily ever afters (I mean who doesn't love love?). But even more importantly, who doesn't love watching a good Rom Com actually come to life right before their very eyes. I am lucky enough to be able to witness the goosebumps, the butterflies in the stomach feeling, the crying, the hugs, the laughs and every single moment in between.  

The coolest part of it all is that I get to experience it with you. You BEST believe I will have the Kleenex ready because I’m going to need it just as bad as you! I will cherish this unforgettable day with you, because I’m not just another vendor that you won’t ever see or talk to again. So let’s get this party started because I am so ready to tell your story the way it deserves to be told.

Picked up my camera

I remember this day like it was just yesterday! My very first DSLR camera was gifted to me by my Dad for my 18th birthday. I was always that girl who brought my camera with me wherever I went and took photos in high school for fun, but once I was gifted this camera everything changed. It went from just a passion of mine to a dream that one day I would make this into my full-time career. Now I’ve made all my teenage dreams come true and I am so incredibly proud of how far I've come.

got Our puppy, Beau!

This was a game changer for Brandon and I for sooo many reasons. One, because this was Brandon's first dog EVER (crazy huh?)! and because well, huge step for our relationship too. You don't just get a pet with anyone, so I knew that meant something pretty dang big for our relationship too. Becoming dog parents was the best decision ever and such a huge privilege. I'm sure everyone says this but, HE IS THE BEST PUPPY IN THE WORLD! 

Married the love of my life on November 9, 2018! We had a fall wedding in Temecula, CA surrounded by all of our favorite people. Having gone through this day myself, I now feel like I can offer so much advice from both a vendor and bride stand point. AKA I'm your girl and will give you the inside scoop on EVERYTHING! I will also tell you all about how my hubby and I both sobbed all day long (haha). 
Click HERE to watch our wedding video & cry your eyes out with us. 
So dang lucky to have married my best friend! & if we are lucky, he will be at your wedding eating cake, carrying my bags, keeping us all hydrated (you booze, me H2O) & dancing the night away with us all! 

Got married

Shot my 100th wedding

WOAH, yeah that was pretty wild! After only being full time for two years, I shot my 100th wedding in the beginning of 2020! What a huge accomplishment for me. I was never anticipating this be my career path so hitting 100 weddings was such a surreal moment for me. Went from getting my bachelors degree in Child and adolescent development to becoming a full time wedding photographer (definitely unexpected but so honored & blessed).

Hoping that this will be THE year that you and I get to meet and get you two FREAKING married! I truly bend over backwards for my couples because you only get ONE wedding and I know just how special that actually is. So I cannot wait until we celebrate together, cry together, and dance the night away together. 

I hope to tell your story 

What it's like to shoot with me

about us

Meet the foys

One summer evening in 2015 I decided after many long phone calls, facetime dates, and novel-length text messages that I would finally meet this dream OKCUPID guy (LOL). I was feeling oh-so confident, so I decided to show up to our Golden Spoon froyo date in my sweats and Ugg boots with zero makeup and my natural curly-headed mess (ballsy, I know!). But I thought to myself, “what the hell, WHY NOT? He’s going to get the REAL ME.” We shared a cake batter frozen yogurt and talked for 5 freaking hours until they shut off the parking lot lights. I wouldn't even let him kiss me good night… but I had a good feeling that if he was feeling all the feels like I was, then he would be back for more. Sure enough, the following day he showed up at my doorstep with flowers. The rest is history.

-Disney Dates
-Going to the beach
And anything involving Beau Beau our pup

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