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March 13, 2019

Chad + Anthony were the PERFECT couple for these in home engagement photos!!!! They had so many fun props and ideas, it was truly such a joy to capture their life together! I met these two love birds a little over a year ago and I have truly loved having them in my life ever since. I have been apart of their entire love journey and it has been so fun watching their love story flourish. These two have a love unlike any I have seen before. They are so filled with fun and passion but you can truly tell how much they both balance one another out. I have photographed them as Disneyland, Chad’s 30th birthday, and their epic proposal. These two have been with me since the beginning and have even watched me grow as a photographer which makes it even more special knowing that I will continue to be apart of their journey as I photograph their wedding. I should have known that this wedding would not be like your typical wedding and sure enough these two will not disappoint as they are getting ready for their FESTIVAL wedding. You heard me, FESTIVAL. THINK COACHELLA AND STAGECOACH decided to go a different direction and come up with a wedding and a festival combined. It is going to be one hell of a wedding that’s for sure. And they chose me to photograph it (ummmm what???? wow thank you Chad and Anthony). Not only have I been there for their entire relationship but they have been there for me and my hubby’s as well. Their proposal was by far one of the most thought out INCREDIBLE proposals. Want to cry??!?!?! You need to watch THE ENTIRE VIDEO!!!!

I seriously cannot wait to shoot their wedding this year!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

“Nicole is an unbelievable talent! I have used her now for 4 shoots. And every time I am blown away by amazing the pictures look! Not only that but how good I look! She captures something in people that a lot of photographers might not. She makes you feel comfortable and her shoots are so fun! Nicole has become our family photographer and our friend.” -Chad & Anthony


  1. Chad Riley says:

    Awe omg! You’re soooo sweet. Love you your talent and your friendship! Thank you for caprtuing Us and being our friend. Love you. Can’t wait for the big day! You are a vendor I’m not even worried about. I know you’re going to make magic ❤️

    • nikki Kirshner says:


  2. Alyssa says:

    I am SO obsessed with all of these, with them, and YOU! You are amazinggggg – can’t wait to see what magic you capture on their wedding day!!!