Newport Beach Family Session

January 31, 2023

The amount of precious moments in this Newport Beach family session are ENDLESS. If more parents were able to be as chill as these two and allow their kids to just be them, I MIGHT just take more family sessions. I always joke and say “if every family session was like this, I would do it all the time”.

I die laughing the entire time, because there will be so much chaos but the kids are not even phased and that is EXACTLY how family sessions should be. Forcing the kids to sit still and smile at the camera will last a total of 5 minutes. The best way to do it is by enjoying a normal activity your family loves to do. Know that you will be dealing with crying babies, accepting if they want to get wet, not caring that all their hair is flying everywhere, and just having fun and enjoying the day. THAT IS HOW MAGIC HAPPENS. 

Sooooo photographers, if you struggle when taking family photos…. Educate your families to let up on the pressure. Be in the moment and it is ok if the kids have meltdowns. EMBRACE IT ALL. Let kids be kids and the session can actually be fun. Kids sense when the parents are being high strung and stressed out and I always love photographing this family because they have no expectations and just go with the flow which is how their photos always turn out so great! 

Gotta love family sessions 😉 NEVER A DULL MOMENT!

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