A Vintage Vow Renewal in Costa Mesa, CA

July 29, 2022

This vintage vow renewal was a freaking BLAST. I absolutely loved working with Skaiste and Ernye, I originally met them when I photographed their Palm Springs elopement. They wanted to get back into their wedding attire to renew their vows and make it an anniversary session. We recreated their wedding night but put a fun flash spin on it! It was a vintage film studio session with a European chic / western flare!!

I loved being able to photograph them but also LOVED that they trusted me so much and are so willing to allow me to get creative with them. They let me shoot the entire thing in flash and I am obsessed with the outcome!! Flash photography is my fav but no joke it used to intimidate the shit out of me. My business partner and I created guides and our biggest seller is the Flash Guide. It seriously helps boost your confidence and make you look forward to those dark AF dance floor photos. Grab it HERE. Now, so many of my couples are including it and it makes me sooo happy.

Skaiste and Ernye have so much chemistry and are truly the sweetest and happiest couple. Please enjoy and scroll their FIRE photos!!

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