Living Desert Couples Session

August 2, 2021

Where to even begin with this Living Desert couples session?!?!?!! I LOVEDDD snapping these photos with Chloe and Greg. I even got to ride in their Tesla up this mountain and I felt like I was flying. Coolest experience everrrr! These two babes have such insane chemistry. It’s pretty clear in these photos how strong the love they have for each other is. CHLOE and GREG….. I FREAKING ADORE YOU GUYS!!!!!! It was feeling extra hott with you babes that evening at this Living Desert couples session!

“My husband and I, aside from our wedding, had no good quality photos of us together. We came to Nicole to change that, and I have never been more impressed and shocked. Our photos are jaw-dropping and captured us in the most intimate and special way. We had such a wonderful time during our session with her. She felt like an instant best friend or family member. We opened up and enjoyed every second of it. She sent us sneak peaks a few hours after…we wept. They were beautiful and captured our love for each other. This was therapy we didn’t know we needed. Thank you, Nicole!” – Chloe and Greg

Instagram: @nicolekirshnerphotography