Wayfarer Chapel Elopement

July 16, 2021

Where do I even begin with this Wayfarer Chapel Elopement?!??!?!!! I have so much to say, & so many photos to share from this elopement. These two babes had theee most magical elopement!! Melissa & David eloped with their closest family at Wayfarer Capel in Palos Verdes. It was such an intimate, beautiful setting with their closest loved ones. Melissa looked absolutely stunning in her dress!!!! It was definitely one of the most unique wedding dresses I’ve seen covered in such intricate beading and sequins almost replicating what looked like a little stars million stars. But once their ceremony was over, these two road off along the coastline as the sun just started to set. For the remainder of the evening, Melissa and David just escaped the two of them to picnic filled with a charcuterie board, dessert, and a bottle of Moet at the beach under the stars! HOW FREAKING ROMANTIC?! Spending your wedding evening just the two of you?!?!?

“How!?! These pics are making me relive this day and I can’t stop staring! I don’t want to go back to work cause I want to keep looking at them! Lol You’re seriously amazing! Thank you so much! love them so much!!! Can’t thank you enough!! You Captured every detail better than I could’ve imagined. And I will cherish these pics forevaaaaa!!” – Melissa and David

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