San Juan Capistrano Couples Session

June 28, 2021

I was so thrilled when Emily and Nick reached out to book this couples session in San Juan Capistrano with me!!! Everything came together so perfectly on the most beautiful, sunny day in Orange County and we had such a fun time creating these photos together. These two babes absolutely killed it at this shoot with their incredible style, strong chemistry, and really just their overall aura. I mean, can we talk about Emily’s cheetah print coat paired with that vintage band tee and the fact that Nick brought his guitar along for this shoot?!!!! I remember straight tears in my eyes when Nick started singing to Emily during our sesh! Can these two be any cuter!? Freaking precious! I always love when couples explore ways to bring in parts of their lives through little personal touches into these shoots. Definitely adds such a special vibe to these photos! I had such a blast getting to know Emily and Nick while snapping these photos during our San Juan Capistrano couples session!

“You. Glorious. Talented. Gem. Of. A. Woman. We LOVEEEE them! We had so much fun and you are amazing. Ahhhh 😍😍😍🥰Wowowowowowowow Killlledddd it. There are no words to describe how obsessed we are with these photos. Thank you so so so much!” -Emily and Nick

Instagram: @nicolekirshnerphotography