Karissa and Evan’s Zion National Park Elopement Utah

December 22, 2020

Karissa and Evan’s Zion National Park elopement was one of my favorite elopements of all time. I mean it when I say this was quite the experience. Not only are Karissa and Evan literally two of my favorite people but they are now mine and Brandon’s friends. Traveling with people as we all know can really make or break a friendship. With these two, their elopement was the start of our newest friendship. We had the best time with them leading up to the actual elopement. The day before, we scouted together looking for the perfect places for their ceremony and portraits. We ended that day over some bomb food, good laughs, and even better company.

Their entire elopement was fully centered around them which is exactly why I loved this wedding so much. Karissa and Evan wanted to elope somewhere but basically followed me to Utah since they knew I was going to be there already for another wedding. This was by far the best decision ever! I met Karissa and Evan earlier this year when they entered my engagement session giveaway. I did their engagement session and we totally hit it off. You can view it here!

We started off their wedding morning extremely early to hike to their location. This sunrise elopement was quite the experience hiking in the dark also being injured. We had prepared ahead of time and knew that I could do the hike (thank goodness) and set off a little earlier to give us plenty of time to get there. Their first look was my favorite. I straight could not handle how perfect this moment was. We then later met up around sunset for their ceremony with their closest family members. Everything about their day was stunning. So many tears were shed, so many laughs, but most of all amazing memories were made.

I truly have such a love and respect for these two. Their day was so special and all about just these two. This is literally reason number 10,000 why I love elopements so freaking much. Not only did we get so incredibly close, but we all got to be apart of such intimate moments together. This wedding will be remembered forever as one of my favorites.