Laguna Beach Engagement Photos | California Engagement Photographer

March 2, 2020

Danii & Cole has one of the most adventurous engagement sessions with me in Laguna beach . When Danii reached out to me telling me she wanted the most adventurous engagement session I had no idea what I was walking into. She told me there were going to be some “rocks” to climb but I had no clue we would be basically scaling the side of Laguna Beach cliffs to get to this location. Not going to lie, I was sooo nervous when we began our venture to our spot. But, I told myself that stepping outside my comfort zone was good and that it was going to be worth it when we got to the spot. I had a mentor session this day too and poor girl was also terrified. After we both decided to keep moving forward, and I saw this beautiful rock formation ahead, I quickly lost that fear and truly was so happy that we made it that far!

This special spot was so unique but also played a really important role in their relationship because it was the place that Cole proposed. These two had chemistry like no other! We had so much fun at their session in Laguna Beach and I was so happy that we did it . Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing!

“nicole. holy .shiznat.

I am speechless!!! These are ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!Thank you thank you thank you!! Thank you for being so adventurous with us and making our session SO FUN. You are honestly amazing! ugh I’m just so so so so obsessed!!!! You’re amazing and rad and so so fun. You truly have a gift & I’m so thankful to have met you!! Omg thank you. “ Danii