Palos Verdes Engagement Photos | California Engagement Photographer

June 25, 2019

Aubrey + Anthony had the most gorgeous boho Palos Verdes engagement photos!!! For starters, this location gets me every time! I have no words to express how beautiful it is. When we first started planning their engagement session, we had originally chosen a botanical garden and after realizing it closed much earlier than we thought, we decided on this stunning backdrop for their location. These two cuties went and hiked it the weekend before and knew YEUP this spot will definitely do!

I showed up and Aubrey had the most beautiful flower crown and her dress was just STUNNING! The three of us had so much fun together. Their love for one another is obvious and their chemistry is through the roof. I legit slid down the rocks on my butt and had more dirt in between my nails and all over my body but it was SOOOO worth it.

I am so excited for their wedding next year at the beautiful Serendipity Gardens!!!