Laguna Beach Engagement Photos at Woods Cove | California Engagement Photographer

April 8, 2019

Priscilla + Bryan were so dang much fun to photographer for their Laguna Beach engagement photos at Woods Cove!!! Like first of all can we just stop and appreciate this amazing dress?!??!! Seriously a work of art and made this session even better! These two were also at Route 91 (Las Vegas shooting) so when we first got to the session, we all talked about our experiences and how happy we are all still here.

These two had so much chemistry and so much love for one another. They are getting married in FREAKING HAWAII (how gorgeous). I had the best time with them and their photos showed just how much chemistry the two of them had (I mean look at them)!!!

Let me first off say Nicole is amazing!

Finding a photographer I took this step very seriously because I’ve been with my fiancé for 10 years and let me tell you all the little details about our wedding what flowers to have what cake to have doesn’t  matter to me, but our pics were everything to me. Everyone told me my money should be spent on my photos and my dress, and let me tell you, the photography is worth the money. You have these for life people!!!!

I  looked through 100s of photography websites, photographers’ Instagrams, you name it, I looked at it. I came across Nicole and I was just in awe over how her people look so free and not so posed! I love that and I kept digging through her page and there was not one thing I didn’t like about it. I kept falling more in love with her photos. So I took the leap and messaged her, and she got back to me in minutes. I didn’t even put my phone down yet and she replied. Who doesn’t like a quick reply?

From the moment of booking to the day of the shoot, she was so good at communicating. This girl even worked through her sickness, what a trooper !! She’s very passionate about what she does, very hard working, and just a great person all in one. She’s my photographer for life I’ll be happy to say! Every time we need photos she’ll be our girl. – Priscilla + Bryan