Silverado Canyon Anniversary Photos | California Couples Photographer

March 26, 2019

Paula + Bill wanted to do our session with his truck, so I instantly thought of Silverado Canyon for their anniversary photos!!!


My mom and step dad have been married for over twenty years and have still never taken professional photos besides their wedding photos. WHAT?!?!? I know, it is mind blowing to me as well since their daughter is a photographer. My mom gifted my step dad this as a present for Valentine’s Day. You best believe I made her pay full price (not even family gets a discount) ha ha this was not sitting well with Paula until after the experience she received. Leading up to it was so fun, I helped them pick out their outfits, my mom and I went shopping together, and the two of us talked about our excitement all the time. When the day finally came, we met at a spot close by so we could all drive together. The two of them were anticipating what was about to go on. Right as we stepped out of the truck I gave them my normal couples speech (again they are just like any other couple so they get the full experience). I turned on some oldies jam music and we started right away. Instantly had them both laughing and flirting the way they did when they first met (it was precious). We set up a picnic in the bed of Bill’s truck, popped champagne, and danced to some great tunes. This day was truly one heck of a time. I kept telling them how I am so impressed and having just as much fun as they are.

As the session ended, they took me to dinner and we laughed about all the fun we had. They were so proud to see me in my element and I was so excited to share a piece of me that I am so proud of. That night I delivered them their sneak peaks (so anxious because my mom can be so critical of herself) and I nervously waited her response. SHE LOVED THEM!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH! I WAS SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!!!!! Needless to say, it was truly a joy being able to provide them with such a great experience and photos that will last a lifetime.

”Words cannot express how happy I am with my photos and experience we had during our couples photo shoot.  We have been married for 15 yrs and my husband was not excited about the idea of a photo shoot.  Nicole made it so fun and we felt like we were on a romantic date and we laughed the whole time.  I rarely like photos of me but Nicole captured the perfect lighting that made us look great.  Our pictures reveal the playful side of us “older people” and the romantic side.  She is very talented and original in her poses and the way she positions you to look your best.  Nicole is passionate about her work and it shows in her beautiful photos and the way she relates to her clients.  She also is probably the fastest in getting your photos to you.  She is truly The Best and The Most Fun.” – Paula + Bill