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My Goal: 

I want to document the moments in your life that mean something to you. I want to create a memory that you cannot wait to share with your people. I want to document the REAL life moments of you cooking a meal together, walking your dog in the neighborhood of your first home, or hanging out on the couch watching Netflix. Moments that mean something to you. Because at the end of the day, those are the moments that matter the most. 


Truly the most epic proposal in the Laguna Mountains of San Diego that absolutely filled my heart with so much joy! These two babes made the journey from Indiana with plans of a mentor session (Cari is also a bomb ass photographer) and for what she thought was just a couples session at the time. […]

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Laine + Hannah had the PERFECT backdrop for their Orange County proposal: Laine’s vintage VW bus!!! These two are so freaking cute, and I cannot wait to shoot their wedding this year! Thank you SO much to The Knot for featuring their special proposal on How They Asked!! Be sure to take a look and […]

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