Palm Desert Elopement | California Elopement Photographer | Destination Elopement Photographer

April 16, 2019

Skaiste + Ernye were the classiest yet most fun couple for this Palm Desert elopement!!! Their story truly filled my soul. So Skaiste is from Lithuania and Ernye is from Palm Desert. These two met online on Chat Roulette (remember that website) man, when they told me this I did not believe it. I was so blown away but also chuckled because it was such a blast from the past reliving these memories. The two of them met one night on the website and the rest is history. They dated long distance for over four years and finally decided they were over the long distance and tied the knot. Ugh I love their story sooooo much! These two had so much passion and so much energy! We had so much fun regardless of how crazy the wind was this day. We popped bottles, laughed, and celebrated these two officially being together! This elopement was definitely one for the books and one I will never forget about!


Our photoshoot was an utter success, thanks to Nicole‚Äôs love and passion for photography! Despite crazy weather, Nicole found a way to capture the truest feelings in our photos. Prior to the photo shoot, we contacted Nicole and asked if she could suggest a place for our photoshoot. Nicole took the initiative to scope the area out prior to our scheduled date. The location was perfect and the final results speak for themselves. During the photo shoot, Nicole helped guide us and made our moments real rather than staged. Lastly, talk about quick turnover, we received some sneak peek photos (edited) the same day of our shoot… and our final package only three days later. We would absolutely recommend Nicole to anyone looking to create everlasting memories through photography. – Ernye + Skaiste